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Coconut Oil & Your Thyroid

Coconut Oil & Your Thyroid

Coconut Oil and Your Thyroid 


Why healthy thyroid is so important?

A healthy thyroid gland is the key to the ensuring the proper function of different systems in our body. A low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism, raises serum cholesterol in the body, making you prone to infection, cancer, and heart disease. It results in a slow metabolism and affects your energy level. Being overweight is common to people who suffer from this hormonal imbalance, as well as obesity, heart disease, and osteoporosis. A slow metabolism also means that the cells in your body are not capable of producing healthy ones (to replace sick and damaged cells) quickly. Thus, disease may overpower and infect the healthy cells too. Since your immune system is not in its best shape, your body will have a hard time fighting off diseases and infections.


What are symptoms of thyroid illness?

An underactive thyroid will cause a number of health problems. The most common of which are constipation, depression, and fatigue. It will also result in coarse and dry hair, confusion, forgetfulness and hair loss. A person with hypothyroidism often has mood swings and difficulty with sleeping. Intolerance to cold temperature, muscle cramps and slower heart rate are also symptoms of this disorder as well as muscle cramps, a general feeling of weakness, and an increase in weight.

Severe hypothyroidism will eventually result to dulled mental processes and congestive heart failure. Heart disease is a big threat because improper thyroid function prevents the heart from pumping the amount of blood the body needs.


How coconut oil can helps to reduce weight?

Coconut oil alone will not cure this kind of thyroid malfunction. It will, however, improve your metabolism because of its molecular make up. It has medium chain fatty acids which are responsible for the many health benefits that coconut oil boasts of. These fatty acids are smaller in size, thus, are easily absorbed by the body and are quickly turned into energy. Unlike the long chain fatty acids found in other vegetable oils such as soya, corn, safflower and canola, medium chain fatty acids do not accumulate as fat in the body, but goes directly to the liver to be used by the body as energy. This kind of fatty acid is most abundant in coconut oil.

Most people who have low thyroid function are obese, or at least overweight. Regular consumption of coconut oil will remedy this condition, as it is low in calories, and it enables your body to burn calories faster, effectively shedding off your excess weight.


Other benefits of using coconut oil

1. Better immunity. A faster metabolism will result to better cell function and will improve your immune system, allowing you to ward off diseases and infections that come from bacteria or viruses. Essential nutrients are also quickly absorbed, making your body strong and healthy. Cell reproduction and healing is also greatly improved.

2. More energy and less mood swings. Coconut oil helps lessen the effects of hypothyroidism because of its capacity to improve your metabolic rate. Including this valuable substance in your diet will aid in achieving normal thyroid function, allowing you to feel more energetic and less moody. Thus, you will be able to experience life with a whole new perspective.

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